How To Purchase A Naples Or Bonita Springs Property While Being Out Of State

Joe Pelak
Joe Pelak
Published on July 31, 2019

How to purchase a property while being out of state. (Bonita and Naples)

I specialize in real estate in Naples and Bonita Springs.  Majority of my clients are out of state while the purchase is going on.  I am often asked how can I purchase this property while being out of state?  The honest answer is that it’s not that much different than purchasing one while you are in state.

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  • First things first after you locate a property online have your realtor Facetime you the property, that way you can have a good look at the place and can coordinate if it’s worth purchasing plane tickets to look at the home in person.
  • If you are acquiring financing for the transaction, I recommend using a local Naples or Bonita Springs lender.  I’ve had much better experiences when the buyer uses local banks as the process runs much smoother.  I have excellent contacts that have been in the mortgage banking industry for 20+ years, your realtor should have a few recommendations.
  • After you have looked at the property and negotiated the deal it’s always smart to have an inspection company come in and give the place a good look over.  The inspection company will give you an extremely detailed report of the entire property.  Your agent will represent you while they’re inspecting the property.  After the inspection if you wanted to revisit anything you can always Facetime your agent again or the inspection company I use is always happy to discuss any issues with the buyer.
  • Closing – The attorney’s office or Title Company that is handling the closing will send out the closing packet to you prior to closing.  The law office or title agent will be able to give you a detailed process of the steps.
  • Your realtor will have recommendations on moving companies, licensed handymen, etc. that you may need after the closing takes place. I always recommend on having a home watch service come in and keep an eye on the place if you won’t be occupying the property full time.

It’s really not much more challenging having an out of state purchase while you are up north.  It’s quite a common practice here in Naples and Bonita Springs as we have such a large seasonal community. Feel free to click on the link below to see what to do after you purchase your piece of paradise.

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