Five Things To Do In Bonita Springs FL

Joe Pelak
Joe Pelak
Published on July 25, 2019

5 Things To Do In Bonita Springs FL

  • Beach

This is obvious, however, rather it’s Barefoot Beach, Bonita Beach or the Dog Beach just north on Bonita Beach Road there are plenty of options and plenty of beaches to enjoy.  Bonita has some of the highest rated beaches in the nation and they all will have a unique feel.

  • Dining

Bonita has some excellent dining options.  Doc’s Beach House, The Fish House, and Coconut Jack’s will be the most popular ones as they are all located on the water right along Bonita Beach Road.  However, Bonita has plenty of other options for the foodie in you.  Petar’s Restaurant has excellent food and a superb ambiance.  Coconut Point Mall has an excellent Brazilian Restaurant called Rodizio Grill, that has superb food and a fun atmosphere. If you have never eaten Brazilian food I would highly recommend Rodizio Grill. Sushi Thai Too is an excellent Asian restaurant and the service is great.  If you want a quick andinexpensive bite to eat with extremely fast service Taco Mix along Bonita Beach Rd is a tasty Mexican/Cuban restaurant.  I could write an entire blog on just Bonita restaurants alone, there are multiple options for great dining in the area.

  •  Everglades Wonder Garden

This is a fun place to take the whole family.  This is perfect for little kids as you can walk around and see Florida wildlife, learn about the different species Florida has, and even feed animals.  Whenever my young nieces and nephews come into town they always ask to come to Everglades Wonder Garden.  They always have a blast feeding the animals and looking at the wildlife.  Everglades Wonder Garden has been open since the 1930’s.  They also have events at night feel free to check out their website.

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay
  • Grey Hound Track

Here comes Sparky.  The Grey Hound
is located off of Bonita Beach Road close to I75.  This is a fun place to watch the races, have
a few drinks, and play some games.  The
track has been in Bonita for 60+ years. 
They have good concessions, a restaurant upstairs, and obviously
multiple games you can play.

  • Flamingo Island Flea Market

This is the perfect place to spend a couple of hours as they have
different vendors each month.  Flamingo
Island is located close to 75 off of Bonita Beach Rd.  It’s a fun place to spend a couple of hours
looking at the different items they have for sale.  The place is larger than it looks from the
road and they have a nice little food court. 
Definitely worth checking out next time you’re in Bonita.

These are just five things to do in Bonita Springs Fl.  I didn’t include Fort Myers and Naples as I wanted to keep it local.  Obviously there are many more things to do outdoors as I tried to leave the given ones off of the list.  (kayaking, boating, bicycling, fishing, etc.) 

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