5 Tips To Selling A Home In 2020 Naples and Bonita

Joe Pelak
Joe Pelak
Published on June 20, 2019

Top Five Tips To Selling Your Home Quicker And For More Money

Clean – Cleaning is the least expensive way to make your home look great and help buyers see the potential in it. Make sure the home smells fresh and clean prior to listing.   Cleaning the floors, baseboards, dusting, deep cleaning the carpets, window washing, stove, fridge, bathrooms, as well as pressure washing the outside of the home is recommended.  If you’re selling a single family it’s also recommended to freshly mulch the outside of your home. Re-caulk around the bathtubs as that is a common issue to appear in inspection reports. Make sure all closet doors are on track. Also, make sure all of the lights have fresh light bulbs in the home, as brighter homes will show better.

Declutter – Large furnishings, personal photos, and too many knick-knacks will take away from the home. Less is more when it comes to furnishings.  Putting some furnishings in storage will also make the home feel much larger. Closets should be neatly prepared and unnecessary items should be placed in storage.

Painting – If needed I recommend painting some walls.  Neutral colors will please more potential buyers and it will also make the home feel larger and more inviting.  Having a set of fresh eyes can assist you in preparing the home. Allow your family, friends, neighbor, or realtor to give honest feedback prior to listing the home.

Organize – Every home buyer is looking for storage, and it’s almost impossible to have too much of it. Kitchen cabinets should be organized. Closets, the pantry, as well as the garage should have everything in a neat place. Build more shelving in the garage if necessary. I bring in a complimentary decorator prior to listing the home. She always has great advice on what staging she recommends. Having a professional come in and stage your home makes a big difference.

Photography – Declutter, cleaning, organizing, and painting the home will make the photography that much more appealing.  Make sure to have a professional photographer that has experience in photographing homes take the photos.  Steps 1-4 will allow the photographer to capture more appealing photos and make your property more desirable online.  (where majority of home buyers will first see your home.) All of our listings will also have drone photography.

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I hope these five useful tips will be able to better assist you in acquiring the most money for your home! Please note hiring a good listing agent is also critical in these steps. You want a realtor that has experience and the marketing budget to get the most eyes on your property.

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